VEGGIE FAKE OUT! Tyler Florence's Ultimate Chicken Enchiladas (or, "I Don't Eat Green Food")


Tomatillos, though technically a fruit, represent everything that terrify my husband about vegetables. First of all, they are green (I believe it was our second date when my husband announced to me “I don’t eat green food”). Secondly, they resemble tomatoes, which due to their unique juicy/firm texture, gross my husband out. Lastly, there is the sticky, papery husk that cover tomatillos in their natural state. I suspect that if my husband were to ever see a tomatillo in it’s natural state, and in our kitchen, he would quickly run to D’Agostino’s for a box of Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza, which is his go-to meal when he suspects I may be trying to feed him something healthy.


I, on the other hand, think tomatillos are delicious, so when I saw Tyler Florence whip up these enchiladas on his “Ultimate” series, I thought they may be the ideal recipe to try them out in.

You start out by roasting a tray of tomatillos, onion, garlic and jalapeno. Roasting the tomatillos deepened their color, and I was also able to sneak in a pint of yellow tomatoes. Next you puree the mixture, adding fresh cilantro, cumin and lime. YUM. You then shred up a rotisserie chicken, add it to a mixture of onions, garlic, flour and chicken stock, which you have added half the tomatillo sauce to. Assemble your enchiladas in flour tortillas with this mixture and a handful of shredded jack cheese, pour the remaining sauce over the enchiladas, and cover with more shredded cheese. Bake at 400F for about 30 minutes and, Voila!


I was pleasantly surprised to find out that tomatillos are loaded with nutrients. Not only are they low calorie (11 a piece), but they are chock-full of folic acid, Vitamins C & K, and calcium. I used over a pound of them in this recipe, as well as getting the added benefits of the fresh cilantro, lots of heart healthy garlic, and the yellow tomatoes. My husband did push his food around on his plate a bit with this dish, but, on closer examination, I saw that he was actually foregoing the tortilla and cheese in favor of the chicken filling…which was swimming in the healthy sauce.

On our official veggie fake out broccoli scale, I give this recipe 5 out of 10 heads of broccoli.

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