The Quest for the World’s Best Pizza


Who doesn’t love pizza? There are blogs and websites dedicated solely to it, numerous Food Network specials highlighting it, and I challenge you to find a grammar school in this country that isn’t serving it for lunch on a Friday. It’s something everyone, young and old, has an opinion on. Whether the crust should be thick or thin, plain or with toppings, heavy sauce or heavy cheese. I had a really bad Algebra teacher in High School that liked to joke with the students that the things all people had in common were sex, the weather, and taxes – (kind of an odd joke considering half our teachers were nuns, and none of us were old enough to be paying taxes). It would have made much more sense if he had just said that what we all had in common was the weather, and pizza (I mean, even the guys in the A.V. Club had all had pizza).

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VEGGIE OVERLOAD! My Grandma's Giambotta (Italian Vegetable Stew)


I feel a little bit sad for anyone who never had a chance to taste my Grandmother’s cooking. If you had happened by my Grandparents home anytime from the late 60s to mid 90s, chances are you would have found my Grandma in her kitchen, apron on over housedress, preparing what seemed to be an endless array of dishes and nibbles. Nothing she made seemed to be for the purpose of a specific mealtime – you were just as likely to be treated to a mini smorgasbord at 12noon or 4pm – but whatever time it was, you’d better be hungry.

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VEGGIE FAKE OUT! Taco Night (or, "All I did was Adobo the Tacos!)

Taco Night! Say it to yourself…doesn’t it bring a smile to your face? There is just something most people enjoy about Taco Night – getting to pick their own toppings from the assortment of little bowls and dishes, assembling the tacos themselves…probably the same way we all love a make-your-own-sundae bar. The first time my husband requested Taco Night, I had a vision….a vision of organic whole grain soft tortillas, loaded with chunks of grilled and seasoned fish, fresh pico di gallo, homemade guacamole, maybe some sauteed onions and red peppers…my husband’s vision, however, consisted of this:


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