VEGGIE FAKE OUT! Italian Wedding Soup


Soups are one of my favorite ways to sneak some veggies into my husband’s diet. Not only is he far more willing to consume vegetables that have been softening nicely in a hot soup, but I also get the added comfort of knowing that even if he pushes some of the veggies around in his bowl, he is still getting the nutrition of the broth that the veggies have been stewing in.

Recipes for this soup can vary, so for our purposes here, I have included the recipe as I prepared it this week. First things first, you need to make yourself some meatballs. Now, I have taken some flack in the past when talking about my tried and true standard meatball recipe, in that the only meat I use is ground beef. “What kind of Italian are you?”, I have been asked, “You gotta use meatloaf mix!…..Fuhgettaboutit!” (ok, nobody I know actually says that word, but don’t you just feel like you are in Brooklyn??)

So I set about making me some “real” meatballs, and the recipe is here…

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VEGGIE FAKE OUT! Kitty's Sweet Potato Mash

There are a few healthy foods in this world that my husband actually enjoys. They are, in no particular order: sushi, yogurt, and bananas. He came to me with the love of yogurt and bananas. The sushi, on the other hand, is a food affinity that has developed as a result of careful and purposeful manipulation negotiation. I reasoned with my husband, “If you love tuna salad sandwiches, doesn’t it make sense that you might possibly enjoy the taste of freshly prepared raw tuna?” To both our surprise, he did, and we have happily been enjoying sushi 2-3 times a week ever since.

A similar negotiation occurred a few years ago regarding sweet potatoes….

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