Jamie Oliver’s La Torta Della Giovane Sara, “Young Sara’s Torte” – A Lemon and Pine Nut Cake




When I told my husband that I was baking a cake, from scratch, lights lit up in his eyes.

“A sheet cake?”, he asked.


“Oh, well, what flavor frosting will it have?”.

“It won’t have any”.

“Well, then, I’ll eat it, but that’s not really a cake, is it?”

And that brings me to my novice baking question – what exactly is the difference between a cake and a torte? According to Wikipedia, a torte is a cake with many layers. Not so here. At Baking 911, they say a torte is a cake with little to no flour. Well, this torte has 3 & 3/4 cups of it.

What I can tell you about this cake/torte is this: it is rich, lemony, buttery, and delicious. This is not the kind of dessert you would present as a birthday cake, but rather one that begs to be served with a hot cup of tea at 4 in the afternoon. I might even put it out as part of a brunch or lunch buffet, or maybe sliced very thin after dinner with a small glass of limoncello on the side.

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VEGGIE FAKE OUT! Stuffed Cornish Game Hens


WARNING: Under no circumstances should this dish be prepared for consumption during the first month of dating, or when first meeting the parents of  your significant other.

What could be more gluttonously carnivorous than feasting on the perfectly roasted carcass of an entire animal? Certainly not a meal for the faint of heart, or for anyone who has been considering becoming a vegetarian, these delicious birds had our hands and faces covered in juicy yumminess. We started with the best of intentions – napkins on laps, proper utensils in place, the DVR set and cued for American Idol – but somewhere between Mindy Doo shrugging her shoulders and Sanjaya’s hair we found ourselves bone-slurping and elbow-in to these tasty treats…and to think, it had all started as a veggie fake out.

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Stuff Yourself…Like an Omnivore!

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