All I Need Is Love (and Jim Lahey’s No-Knead Bread)


You all probably know at least one annoying couple who drives everyone around them crazy with their constant lovey-doveyness. They call each other pet names like “schmoopie”, hold hands everywhere they go, and engage in frequent public displays of affection while shopping or eating brunch. Back in my single days, I would roll my eyes at these couples whenever I saw them canoodling around NYC. Now, however, my husband and I are that couple.

Along with the constant affection, one of the perks I am enjoying as a happy newlywed is a husband who likes to sing my praises to anyone who will listen. Whether it be my cooking skills, my knack for hunting down a bargain, or my ability to balance our checkbook, my dear husband will gush to you about what a great job I do. Unfortunately, even my husband would be forced to admit to you that there are two things that I am absolutely hopeless at: Gardening (my husband refers to my potted plant and herb attempts as “science experiments”), and Baking.

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In Italy, Vegetables Sing…

VEGGIE FAKE OUT! Kitty's "Roasted" Red Pepper Marinara


Psssst….hey you. Yes, you, my dear reader. I have a little bit of a secret to let you in on. My Roasted Red Pepper Marinara? The one I frequently make for dinner guests, the one my husband loves and often references when bragging to friends about all the great meals he gets at home? Well, get ready for a shocker. There aren’t any roasted red peppers in it.

Somewhere along the line, my husband has picked up a few correct and not so correct food and cooking terms which he likes to interject whenever he talks about my kitchen prowess. These terms may include, but are not limited to:

1) Balsamic Reduction – as in, “Her spaghetti sauce is so good, because it has a balsamic reduction in it” (it doesn’t)

2) Whip an Egg Into It – as in “Wouldn’t that sage and brown butter sauce be good if you whipped an egg into it?” (no, it would be scrambled eggs)

and not lastly…

3) Roasted Red Pepper – as in “You guys have to come over for dinner so Kitty can make you her penne and sausage with roasted red pepper sauce”

To be fair, there are red peppers in the sauce (or orange or yellow), there just aren’t any roasted red peppers in the sauce. A small detail, perhaps, but as I am sure most of you would agree, it is a definite distinction to anyone who spends time cooking. However, none of our dinner guests have called me out on it yet, so as long as he wants to keep calling it that, I will continue to find it charming, and he can continue thinking I am a far less lazy chef than I am. Oh, and by the way, it is an excellent veggie fake out.

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