Rock…Rock….It was a Rockin’ Lobster Roll!


I heart lobster. It is what I want for dinner every year for my birthday, it would be chosen for my last meal if I ever found myself on death row, and I am certain it must be served 24/7 at that great buffet in the sky. My husband hasn’t always shared my affinity for the briny beast. When we first started dating, he had never tried it, and wasn’t all too enthused to, until he saw me lustily devouring one at El Quijote, possibly my favorite restaurant in the world. We started in small doses…I assured him that he wouldn’t have to do any cracking himself, and I would be the one to don the dorky bib. A dip into drawn butter and one bite later, he was hooked.

I rarely make lobster at home. Normally, restaurants can acquire it at such a lower price than you will find at your local fishmonger, that at many places in NYC you can find a full lobster meal for only a few dollars more than the lobster would cost you to buy. Not so this spring, however. With lobster costs on the rise, due to colder water temperatures, lobsters are pricier than ever (and will have harder shells!). Upsetting, for sure, but this past week, I still needed my fix. Not wanting to deal with drawn butter, messy hands, and cracking my husband’s lobster for him (but it’s ok cause he does all our laundry), I decided to go the trendy route, and make us some delicious lobster rolls.

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Celebrity Chef Stoop Sale Sighting!

Stoop Sales are all the rage in Brooklyn. On any given weekend during the Spring and Summer, you can walk through any of the brownstone Brooklyn neighborhoods and be guaranteed to encounter multiple stoop sales on almost any given block. These sales run the gamut from handfuls of old junk to clothing to antique treasures to children’s toys to artifacts from Peru…you name it, you very well may stumble upon it at a stoop sale. Some charming testaments to the tradition can be found here and you can scroll to the “Stooperbowl” posting here (please note, your heroine may or may not appear in some of these pictures).

My husband and I, with all due modesty, have the best stoop sales in town. More accurately: OUR STOOP SALE WILL KICK YOUR STOOP SALE’S ASS. We have great stuff, we sometimes pass out candy, we are usually pleasantly tipsy, and the fliers we hang locally are legendary. Add now to that list of attributes: our sales attract celebrities.



Anyone who was a fan of the wonderful documentary Supersize Me is sure to remember Vegan Chef, Alex Jamieson, the then-girlfriend, now-wife, of director/star Morgan Spurlock. My husband and I were big fans of this film, and I was delighted to hear that the couple had moved into our neighborhood not too long ago. While we have yet to spot Morgan, I was very excited last week to catch a glimpse of Alex at our nearby organic foods market…but not nearly as excited as I was when I saw her checking out the merchandise at yesterday’s stoop sale. Here was my opportunity to befriend a cool local couple! We would have them over for dinner! They’d love us! So what did I do? I lost all my nerve, charged her $1 for a Spiderman lunchbox that we meant to charge $3 for, and told her to have a nice day. My husband silently chuckled at me the entire time.

Check out Alex’s website, Healthy Chef Alex, which is loaded with great vegan and healthful recipes. I’m hoping she will forgive me for divulging her stoop sale habits if I link you to the page of her site where you can buy her book.

Oh! And if anyone happens to have an in with Chuck Klosterman, tell him we have lots of music and a real arcade game in our livingroom, I will cook him dinner, and we live just a 5 minute walk from the F train. We are certain he’ll love us too.

VEGGIE OVERLOAD! Zuppa di Broccoletti (Broccoli Soup)


Aaah…the thrill of a new cookbook. I recently managed to procure a copy of Linda Frazier’s Encyclopedia of Italian Cooking, after salivating over it at friend’s recent dinner party. I don’t buy cookbooks all too often, usually saving myself for the yearly offerings of Lidia Bastianich or Jamie Oliver, but I knew I had to have this one after pouring over the seemingly endless color photographs, illustrating step by step instructions for creating 100’s of authentic Italian recipes.

Typically, when I get a new cookbook, I have to make something out of it right away, that very night if possible, but with a very limited time frame last night, I figured it would have to wait until the weekend…until I stumbled upon the recipe for Zuppa di Broccoletti.

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