To the Crockpot! Slow Cooked Chipotle Beef Short Ribs


I couldn’t resist buying something from the beef guy at the Grand Army Plaza Farmer’s Market. How could I? I had already bought something from practically every other vendor there. We went home with a 2 pound package of beautiful beef short ribs. The question was…what to do with them?

My normal tendency would be to brown them, braise them/slow cook them in my beloved Le Creuset dutch oven, but I really didn’t want to deal with the oven being on for hours in this heat…and only millionaires have central air in Brooklyn. Then it hit me…what better time to take advantage of that staple of nearly every wedding registry, the trusty crockpot.

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On a Mission: Mixed Berry Crumble with Vanilla Yogurt


My husband may hate veggies, but he can tolerate fruit. He doesn’t love fruit, but he manages to get a little bit of fruit into his body now and then. Some cut up banana in vanilla yogurt, yes. A small sliver of apple topped with a generous hunk of cheddar cheese, check. A pulverized fruit smoothie sweetened with honey in the morning, sure. A huge bite of a fresh and juicy pear? Not a chance.

It’s all a texture thing with my husband. Loves tomato sauce, hates tomatoes. Constantly craves blueberry pie, but won’t touch a fresh blueberry. And since there is no way I am gonna sit and watch him devour an entire farmer’s market blueberry pie (a la mode, of course) without diving into the calorie-laden goodness myself, I knew I had to figure out a way to lighten up his fruit enjoyment.

My mission was clear: Find a fruit recipe that was sufficiently desserty, had husband-friendly flavors, and wouldn’t make me feel like Shamu when I ate it with him. Enter the Mixed Berry Crumble.

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VEGGIE FAKE OUT! Spicy Cornmeal Crusted Catfish with Creamy Sweet Corn Relish and Cheddar & Green Onion Cornbread


Why does corn get such a bad rap as a veggie?

Back in my waitressing days, when I was saving for my backpacking trip through Europe slaving away at this crappy place, we had a very regular customer, who always began his order by asking what the vegetable of the day was. “Corn on the Cob”, I answered him one evening. “Corn?” He replied with pure disgust, “Corn is the vegetable of the day? But corn isn’t a vegetable, it’s a starch.” “Well, that’s what the kitchen is offering tonight, sir. Why don’t you just get a side salad?” He then proceeded to argue the merits of dark green veggies and the perils of an abundance of carbohydrates with a waitress who was at the tail end of a double shift and still needed to get a drink order from the party of 8 at table 21. Eyes were definitely rolled. I was never the friendliest waitress, but I did get you your food on time (which would you prefer?)

I suppose I have also fallen into the school of thought that says that corn isn’t really a vegetable, not compared to say, your super healthful choices like broccoli or spinach, and since I love those particular veggies, as well as a host of others, corn in it’s true form doesn’t often find it’s way onto my dinner plate. My thoughts started to change this year, however, when the fresh corn started hitting the produce section. Corn may not be as healthy as my typical vegetable fare, but when you have a husband who, without your loving guidance, would attempt to subsist on white bread, Chinese food, and Tasty Kakes, then doesn’t it stand to reason that fresh corn is actually more healthy than what he normally puts in his body?

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