A Truly Scrumptious Appetizer – Fresh Mozzarella Bocconicini with Oven Dried Tomatoes and Basil Pesto Oil


There’s no big story here, these juicy little numbers speak for themselves. I make them frequently, and they are always a huge hit at parties, garnering many requests for the recipe. Wanna know why? I will tell you: They are low-carb, vegetarian, bite-sized, served at room temperature, nice to look at, and uber-yummy. Does my husband eat them? Of course not.

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Salsa Fresca…"because people like to say salsa…"


My husband is a funny guy, but it took me a few months after we started dating to realize that some of his best material is almost entirely cribbed from the movies Animal House and Meatballs, 80s hair-band song lyrics, and Seinfeld episodes.

More than once (actually, a lot more than once, since my husband frequently tells me the same story or repeats a joke to me about 58 times), when my husband has seen me reach into the fridge to grab what I consider a kitchen staple, salsa, he has entertained me with the famous Seinfeld quote: “You know why salsa is so popular? Because people like to say salsa“, to which, I always reply, “Yeah? Well then why don’t you eat it?”, the answer being somewhat obvious to any reader of this blog. So imagine my surprise last weekend, when, being invited to our “new couple friends” house for dinner in their gorgeous Brooklyn garden, my husband eagerly dove into a bowl of our hostess’ homemade salsa fresca…

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Brooklyn, we have a problem…

…of the technical kind.  I won’t bore you with the details, but some of my techie friends have referred to what’s happening on my laptop as “the blue screen of death”…yikes.  It’s a shame, because I had a dynamite date with the blender the other night, and came out with a delicious salsa fresca I couldn’t wait to share with you all (and yes, my husband ate it!). 

Check back soon…we should have this sorted out in no time…but in the meantime, you just gotta gotta gotta check this out.  My friend Jenn, of Take A Chance You Stupid Ho fame, has given us the skinny on an Asian Toilet/Bathroom Theme Restaurant.  Don’t forget to flush!

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