Hell Has Officially Frozen Over – Veggie & Pork Pot-Stickers


We have seen some truly unbelievable things happen thus far in 2007. The Police reunited on stage. Kevin Federline was declared the “fit” parent. Jerry Springer’s bodyguard was given his own talk show. Van Halen finally bought a calculator and decided to tour with David Lee Roth. But nothing, I tell you nothing, ladies and gentlemen, could prepare you for the truly unbelievable event of 2007 that occurred last night, in a little apartment in Brooklyn. For last night, ladies and gentlemen…my husband ate broccoli.

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It's Veggie Stew Season!


Autumn finally arrived in New York this past week, after summer released its 80 degree strangle-hold on her citizens. The air conditioner has been put on sabbatical, the pipes of our 100+ year old house are cranking and clanging as steam heat attempts to sputter its way into our radiators, and I finally got to wear my red Fluevog boots after their too-long summer of hibernation. I couldn’t be happier. But if that weren’t enough…along with the switch over of the summer and winter wardrobes comes an even more exciting switch over, a recipe switch over, because autumn is officially soup and stew season.

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Is It Fried Chicken? Or Is It Kitty’s Cornflake Chicken?


Ok ok…I know. I am not exactly reinventing the wheel here with Cornflake Chicken. But you know who doesn’t know that? My husband. Because when I tell him that we are having Cornflake Chicken for dinner, I get treated good. Like, real good. Like bringing me flowers and rubbing my feet and watching My So-Called Life on DVD with me good. So please, could you all do me a favor and not tell my husband that Cornflake Chicken is like, actually pretty healthy? I might even go so far as to say it’s very healthy…at least it is when I get through with it…

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