Once, Twice, Thrice Baked Potatoes


When all you have is a point and shoot digital camera, food blogging starts to feel like a summer activity. Gone are the days when my tiny Brooklyn kitchen (with Southern exposure) was filled with food flattering daylight until 5, 6, even 7 o’clock at night. Now, it’s a race home from the grocery store on my earlyish days off to see what recipe I can rush through – if only to grasp those last precious moments of 4pm sunlight.

Kitty to Santa: I really really really want a new camera. With a food friendly flash. And maybe a tripod.

Until that day comes, however, many-a-meal goes by without being chronicled. It’s not as if we stopped, eating, or anything. Or are on diets. That would be crazy talk. But when I whipped up these Thrice Baked Potatoes last week, as a dinner side dish, I just knew I had to make them again on my day off so I could share them with all of you. They are that good.

Oh…and they also happen to be an excellent veggie fake-out.

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