Kitty's Chip Shop – Healthi(er) Fish and Chips


Well, maybe not exactly a veggie fake-out, but a healthy meal nonetheless, inspired by one of my husband’s favorite Brooklyn restaurants, The Chip Shop. Its an awesome little place, maybe you’ve heard of it. It has found its way into countless Food Network specials and magazine articles due to the fact that those wacky Brits are willing to deep fry nearly anything in their heavenly house batter – twinkies, cadbury cream eggs, slices of pizza – you name it. But its the superb fish & chips that keep us coming back (although I think the fact that they serve Old Speckled Hen Ale on tap in proper British 20oz pint glasses might hold a tiny bit of the appeal for my husband.)

We made ourselves quite comfy there last weekend, amidst the Beatlemania posters and hand-drawn portrait of Harry Potter’s Hermione enjoying her crispy cod fillets. Halfway through my deep fried shrimp & chip dinner in a basket (and giganto pint o’ beer), I wondered what I could do in the kitchen to inspire my husband to dig into an equally large portion of fish with such lusty abandon, minus the deep fryer.

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