A Reluctant Evening w/ Bobby Flay – Grilled Sweet Potato & Scallion Salad

Summertime is a challenging season here at My Husband Hates Veggies headquarters. On the one hand, our test kitchen staff embraces the natural switch to lighter fare: crisp fresh salads, chunky salsas, lightly grilled veggies, cool gazpachos…food that not only refreshes in the warmer weather, but also seriously reduces the hours spent in a steamy kitchen. Unfortunately, our company namesake, Husband, does not share the same enthusiasm for such a seasonal approach to eating.

As I have said before, my husband’s aversion to most things veggie is a texture thing, which is why many of the veggie fake-out recipes on this site consist of vegetables that have been stewed, mashed, braised, sauteed, or slow-cooked in some way. Couple that with the fact that most of the veggies that he can stomach – largely the orange family of veggies – are vegetables that I associate with winter, and you can see where my summertime-vegetable-angst comes into play.

I usually ignore Bobby Flay when I see his show on the Food Network. Not only have I had two lackluster meals at his over-hyped restaurants, but I find him to be incredibly smug, and not as cute as Tyler Florence. I am also angrily envious of his enormous outdoor patio beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. For those logical reasons, I only catch glimmers of his show when I am running around the house doing other things. He did manage to stop me in my tracks the other day, though, with his recipe for Grilled Sweet Potato and Scallion Salad. Summery and sweet, it had all the makings of an excellent veggie fake-out.

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Stuffing Meatloaf in Things! Bell Peppers Stuffed with Turkey-Sausage Meatloaf

Did anyone else happen to notice that not one, but two Food Network programs this past week featured recipes with meatloaf stuffed into vegetables?  The first was Giada, who stuffed meatloaf into peppers and zucchini.  The second was this new Food Network chickie, Sunny Anderson, who’s show is called “Cooking for Real.” OK, I’m sorry – but is that just the stupidest name for a cooking show you have ever heard in your life? “Cooking for Real?”  As opposed to what, exactly? According to FN: “Cooking for Real offers real food for real life…affordable, easy to find, easy to use ingredients…”  Let me just point out the painfully obvious here, but doesn’t that sum up just about every single show the Food Network airs? With the possible exception of Iron Chef, I am pretty sure I can handle the complex and lengthy recipes that FN regulars like Rachael and Sandra sock at me.  As for this Sunny girl….I don’t know. I may find her entertaining, and I may find her annoying as hell.  The jury is still out.  Thoughts?

Nevertheless, I still found myself stuffing meatloaf into peppers today.  I am happy to report that the ingredients were, indeed, easy to find and use.  And the yumminess was real, baby…..soooo real.

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