Pasta With Roasted Broccoli and Lemon Cream Sauce


Well, I certainly hope none of you were searching for something light and healthy after gorging yourself this past weekend on stuffing and gravy.  And apple crumb pie.  And Bacon & Leek Potato Gratin.  Wait…don’t I still have some of that hidden from Husband in the fridge?  Back in a sec….

You’d think that the abundance of creamy carbs currently filling my system would make me desire something a little less stick-to-your-ribs than pasta with cream sauce, but, you see, there is another power at work here – a power that makes me pee at odd intervals (like 5x this past hour), burp loudly in mixed company, and crave nothing but carbs, morning, noon and night.  This power also firmly plants its heel into my kidney at inappropriate times of day, and causes my body to experience all manner of “little miracles” that are best reserved for a forum other than a food blog.  Trust me, there are some things you guys just don’t wanna know about.

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