I'm Pregnant (and thus, I don't cook…)

First Trimester:  Leave me alone, or I’ll puke on you.

Second Trimester:  Two Words – McDonald’s Cheeseburgers.

Third Trimester:  Due to the 25 pound medicine ball currently strapped to my abdomen, I can only stand at the stove in 5 minute increments.  And those increments were all used up on Thanksgiving.

Whilst you may think that this all means that my veggie-hating husband can swim luxuriously in a sea of KFC and Pop-Tarts, I can thank the good folks at Pacific Foods for helping a prego, veggie-obsessed lady in a bind:

soup_o_redpepper_tomato_lgAm I the only sometimes-health-nut out there who has experienced the yumminess that is this soup?  Its creamy, rich, flavorful – delicious!  But the best part?  My husband will eat it by the bowlful.  Now, before any of you start in on me on how organic soups are BS and too expensive, let me say this:  even if you only eat organic here and there, bell peppers are on the list of most pesticide-contaminated foods, so its one of those veggies that are smart to look for in an organic variety.  Second:  this container still costs less than a Happy Meal, and contains two very generous servings.  Coupled with a “made-on-that-white-bread-that-actually-has-fiber Grilled Cheese Sandwich”, you’ve got yourself a well-balanced Veggie Fake-Out meal.  Now somebody rub my feet.

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