I'm Pregnant (and thus, I don't cook…)

First Trimester:  Leave me alone, or I’ll puke on you.

Second Trimester:  Two Words – McDonald’s Cheeseburgers.

Third Trimester:  Due to the 25 pound medicine ball currently strapped to my abdomen, I can only stand at the stove in 5 minute increments.  And those increments were all used up on Thanksgiving.

Whilst you may think that this all means that my veggie-hating husband can swim luxuriously in a sea of KFC and Pop-Tarts, I can thank the good folks at Pacific Foods for helping a prego, veggie-obsessed lady in a bind:

soup_o_redpepper_tomato_lgAm I the only sometimes-health-nut out there who has experienced the yumminess that is this soup?  Its creamy, rich, flavorful – delicious!  But the best part?  My husband will eat it by the bowlful.  Now, before any of you start in on me on how organic soups are BS and too expensive, let me say this:  even if you only eat organic here and there, bell peppers are on the list of most pesticide-contaminated foods, so its one of those veggies that are smart to look for in an organic variety.  Second:  this container still costs less than a Happy Meal, and contains two very generous servings.  Coupled with a “made-on-that-white-bread-that-actually-has-fiber Grilled Cheese Sandwich”, you’ve got yourself a well-balanced Veggie Fake-Out meal.  Now somebody rub my feet.

12 comments to I'm Pregnant (and thus, I don't cook…)

  • Christina

    I love this soup! Even more I LOVE the Carrot Ginger Cashew soup this company has. I can only find it once in an while at my local grocery store but when I can I stock up. Also, the Butternut Squash one they have is great and better (both taste wise and health wise) than the similar V8 soup that just came out on the market. Thanks for keeping up with your blog throughout your pregnancy it is so helpful and a joy to read. Best of luck!

  • Holy crap! Your pregnant? jk – Where do I find that soup it sounds yummy. I’ve been on a healthy soup kick – I only buy Campbell’s Select Harvest Tomato, it has the least amount of chemicals and preservitives on the shelf. Then I add my own veggies.

  • Jeff,

    I get it at the Coop, but the Key Food here has it too. If you cant find it at the regular grocery store, try a health food store. But FYI, sometimes the regular grocery store will keep products like this in a special “organic” or “healthy” section, not with the regular soups. After Christina’s rec I am going to try the other kinds now, but “Carrot Ginger Cashew” may not go over well with husband.

  • Jennifer C

    I love Pacific Foods Creamy tomato. Yummers. If you email Pacific Foods and say nice things about their products, they send you $1 off coupons.

    Congrats on the impending arrival! As I’ve only been reading your blog for a few months, I guess I missed that part. Hard to believe, but this is the easy part. At least it was for me, but I have 19 month old twins so what do I know about normalcy?

  • I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  • Congrats on having baby on board!

  • Good point! I usually pshaw store-bought soups unless I need em for a recipe, but I bet that shizz is great and both future husband and I are fans of the tomato soup- grilled cheese comforting combo.
    Also, re: your last comment to me, I don’t remember ever signing up for the coop, though I wanted to, it was too far away from my apt for grocery shopping. Hm. I hope the other Colleen Kane (who was a few years younger than me at my college) isn’t on my territory agian.

  • This soup with grilled cheese is one of our favorite dinner meals as well. Did you know they sell it at Costco?

  • Jenna,

    Funny you should mention that, cause I saw it not 2 days ago at my local Costco. The price per box was about the same as I can get it for at my Food Coop, so I passed, but its nice to see Costco heading in a healthy food direction.

  • I also adore this soup, but I’ve been opting for the low sodium version that just recently started gracing the shelves of my supermarket. Love your blog–my husband hates veggies too!

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