A Reverse Veggie Fake-Out! Pasta with Mushroom Meat Sauce

I hate mushrooms.

Well, perhaps hate is too strong of a word.  If you have me over for a dinner party, and have painstakingly worked on, say, a chicken marsala, or a beef wellington, its not like I am going to sit there and pick the offending morsels out of my meal.  I’ll eat them, and the mushrooms won’t really taste terrible, just kind of bleh, and I will smile, but secretly be wondering to myself what all the lustful sighs elsewhere at the table are about.  Just like I wondered what the frenzy was about when I was shopping for this very recipe, and the crowd at the Park Slope Food Coop descended upon the poor woman stocking the shelves with the last crate of Criminis like she was the shrimp cocktail server at a wedding.  I mean, do people actually get cravings for mushrooms?

According to my beloved Dr. Weill, my Mushroom Malevolence is robbing yours truly of all sorts of healthy things that do a body good.  To name but a few – copious amounts of selenium (which aids the body in proper use of antioxidants), blood-health superstars like copper and iron, zinc (BFF of your immune system), and loads of niacin (which protects against age-related cognitive decline).  Did you know that people with a diet rich in niacin have a 70% reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease?

Its time for a Reverse Veggie Fake-Out!

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Kitty’s Miraculous Braised Chicken and Tomatillo Stew

When it comes to creating a dynamite Veggie Fake-Out, you really need look no further than your blender or food processor.  Case in point:  Unless you were planning to dip it in chocolate and deep fry it in KFC Original Recipe batter, there is nothing short of a Blender Miracle that could make a Green Food Hating, White Castle Cravin’ Husband like mine eat something that looks like this:

But eat it he does!  Wrapped in charred flour tortillas or spooned over yellow rice, this zingy and healthy soup/chili/stew has become one of the bestest new Veggie Fake-Outs created at the My Husband Hates Veggies Headquarters.

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