Delicious Defeat…Butternut Squash Soup with Black Bread Croutons

It pains me to say, dear readers, that not all Veggie Fake-Out recipes are destined for greatness.

Take this Butternut Squash Soup for example.  I was just so certain that my husband would not only eat it, but that he would love it.  And why not?  It doesn’t have any flavors that he’s refused before.  It’s lush with butter and a touch of cream, and the spicy/sweet balance achieved with the addition of apples and cumin sent rich and exotic aromas wafting through our Brooklyn brownstone, or so I heard from our neighbors on the third floor.  Yes, my quest to perfect a Butternut Squash, Veggie Fake-Out soup recipe, one that didn’t taste annoyingly like pumpkin pie, had finally been realized.  Until…

“it doesn’t taste like soup….it tastes like mush.”


The good news?  More soup for me!

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