Holidays! (And Red Wine Sauce w/ Truffle Butter!)

Santa visited the MHHV Headquarters early this year.  Over the Thanksgiving weekend, while most Americans were feasting and footballing, little elves were hard at work packing up the contents of our Brooklyn headquarters and shipping it off to a shiny new suburban palace.

Awaiting us in suburbia?  A dishwasher that runs on actual electricity and doesn’t muss my manicure.  My very own closet as large as my first Manhattan apartment.  Quiet.

And trees.  Gobs and gobs of trees…

Was it worth a year without Thanksgiving?  You betcha.  Especially when you have a whole week’s worth of holidays to make up for it.  Read on for a few little holiday tid-bits that will have guests ignoring rooms full of unpacked boxes.

As far as gift giving goes, the staff here at My Husband Hates Veggies thinks you can never go wrong with booze.  Our faves this year?  Yours truly is fond of giving and receiving my favorite Chianti, Ruffino Riserva Ducale (around $25), which pairs well with hearty winter fare, and gives gift-receivers the illusion that you know far more about wines than you actually do.

Gifting cookies?  I always go with the one recipe that is almost impossible to F*** Up,  my Pecan Snowball Cookies.

Christmas dinner this year is a splurge…a roasted beef tenderloin that I luxuriantly had the butcher trim and tie for me.  I’ll top the sliced meat with a super simple but decadent gravy…

Red Wine Sauce w/ Black Truffle Butter

one cup red wine
20 ounces or so prepared beef gravy
one tablespoon prepared truffle butter

Just reduce the wine to half, stir in the prepared gravy till warmed, and melt in the butter before serving

Happy Holidays!

xoxo – Kitty

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