Holidays! (And Red Wine Sauce w/ Truffle Butter!)

Santa visited the MHHV Headquarters early this year.  Over the Thanksgiving weekend, while most Americans were feasting and footballing, little elves were hard at work packing up the contents of our Brooklyn headquarters and shipping it off to a shiny new suburban palace.

Awaiting us in suburbia?  A dishwasher that runs on actual electricity and doesn’t muss my manicure.  My very own closet as large as my first Manhattan apartment.  Quiet.

And trees.  Gobs and gobs of trees…

Was it worth a year without Thanksgiving?  You betcha.  Especially when you have a whole week’s worth of holidays to make up for it.  Read on for a few little holiday tid-bits that will have guests ignoring rooms full of unpacked boxes.

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Last Night, I Grilled Pizza…

…and it was so much easier than I had ever imagined.  Like, seriously, what was I waiting for?

Pizza is a near religious experience in our household.  Before we’d even cemented our then-future daughter’s name, or color of her nursery, it had already been decided that Friday night would be family pizza night.  Living in brownstone Brooklyn, the pick of pizza places can seem pretty luxurious.  Want it delivered?  There are no fewer than 25 places that are willing to deliver, half of which will serve you a pie worthy of a true pizza connossieur.  Willing to get in the car?  We’ve got the original Totonno’s in Coney Island, Jay Z-hangout Lucali, Man Vs. Food endorsed L & B Spumoni Gardens, NY Times 2 star rated Franny’s, and, of course, the pizza mecca itself, DiFara’s.

So why would I ever make one?

But then, this new pizza place opened in our ‘hood, Fornino, (which had garnered accolades for their original location in Williamsburg).  Fornino’s pizza is grilled to a cracker-crisp perfection, and the lower heat on the grill allows them to top the pies with cheeses and vegetables that normally wouldn’t survive the heat of, say, an 800 degree coal burning oven.  We’ve enjoyed their pizza on a few occasions, (and not just because of the offspring-friendly widely spaced tables or the fact that they are happy to store your folding stroller in a back room).  On our last visit, however, an idea sprang forth into my sippy cup-addled brain.

“Why, I could grill a pizza at home!”  So, I did.

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Bake Me! Pecan Snowball Cookies

I had high baking aspirations this Holiday season….

There were to be all sorts of delectable goodies created in my Brooklyn kitchen.  Linzer Cookies stuffed with Nutella, a Chocolate and Fruit Tarte I found in my new subscription to Bon Appetit,  Shortbread Pretzel Twists, and, last but not least, our household’s favorite – Pecan Snowball Cookies.  Why buy gifts this Christmas?  Cookies (made with all organic ingredients, of course) would be wrapped in crinkly paper with shiny bows and bestowed upon the shining faces of friend and neighbor alike.

But, (and sorry to get all cliche and Rachael Ray-ish on you), I am a lousy baker.  I can never seem to remember to leave butter and eggs out to bring them to room temperature.  My measuring cups are for liquids.  I confuse tablespoons with teaspoons.  My baking powder is always past its expiration date.  I detest kneading and rolling.  Let’s face it, if you are coming to my house for a dinner party, you can’t go wrong by bringing dessert.

Still, I did manage to churn out one baked item this Christmas, and in my opinion, if you are only going to do one cookie, nobody is gonna complain if its Pecan Snowball Cookies.

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