The World's Best Cole Slaw

Over a month away from you, and the best I could come up with is cole slaw? After the unpacking of boxes and the setting up of stand mixers and the building of IKEA kitchen islands…I come back to you with a recipe that doesn’t even need to be cooked? Well, take my word for it, I have my reasons. For this isn’t just cole slaw, oh no. Because no ordinary cole slaw could ever live up to the spectacular title that is : THE WORLD’S BEST COLE SLAW.

I mentioned to my husband that I was going to be whipping up some cole slaw this past weekend, for our first official day of entertaining in the new apartment, the new backyard, to be precise. Lowes failure to deliver the gas grill we ordered over a month ago meant I was going to have to get creative and come up with a new menu for our Labor Day soiree. I settled on a crockpot pulled pork (coming soon to a food blog near you!), some Seriously Ridiculously Good Guacamole with chips, and this amazing slaw. Well, my husband seemed kind of surprised that I would be making cole slaw, because, as he said “you don’t even like cole slaw”. At first, I had one of those marriage moments – a moment when I was momentarily shocked and appalled that I had somehow married a man that knows me so little, being that I absolutely adore cole slaw. Kind of like how I am guessing he must have felt about a week or so ago, when I told him that I thought he didn’t like classical music. But you see, just like I had never ever witnessed him actually listening to classical music, he had never seen me eating cole slaw, because I am just so incredibly picky about it. Cole slaw can’t be all white and squishy and swimming in watery mayo like it may be if you’ve purchased it from a supermarket deli case or if its served alongside a diner burger in a pathetic little white paper cup. It has to be crisp and fresh and colorful and zingy with flavor…which leads us to The World’s Best Cole Slaw.

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Reader Requested Repeats! (Or, My Kitchen is Packed Up in Boxes, So for Now, You All Have to Deal With More From the Archives)


There’s no big story here, these juicy little numbers speak for themselves. I make them frequently, and they are always a huge hit at parties, garnering many requests for the recipe. Wanna know why? I will tell you: They are low-carb, vegetarian, bite-sized, served at room temperature, nice to look at, and uber-yummy. Does my husband eat them? Of course not.

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From the MHHV Archives – Seriously Ridiculously Good Guacamole

It wouldn’t be a 4th of July party without some seriously good guacamole.  As far as I am concerned – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – so here is my tried and true guacamole recipe that was originally posted one year ago…


If only I could figure out a way to convince my husband that avocados don’t taste anything like they look. No matter what I were to tell him about the creamy texture, the rich flavor, the way it makes the perfect addition to a B.L.T sandwich (make that a BLAT! please…), he would just never get past that one itty bitty minute detail….avocados are green. I think he is a person who would actually benefit from color blindness, because, as far as he is concerned, avocados may as well taste like broccoli. Not that I have anything against broccoli, it’s just not, y’know, avocado.

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